SERPCheetah is better search analytics - As simple as that!

Manually Insert Keywords

The ability to manually insert keywords and monitor daily ranks for these keywords.

Competitor Monitoring

Choose your closest competitors and monitor how they are ranking on the same search terms as you.


Send out reports to clients, your CEO or just yourself - You will be able to brand reports and choose the data you want to be displayed.

Content Ideas

Choose a keyword/page and get content and keywords ideas, so that you easily can integrate new traffic generating keywords on your websites pages.

CTR Info and Tests

Compare your CTR on specific keywords to average CTRs or create split-tests to optimize your CTR.

Visual Presentations

Get visual presentations of the development in your SERP with beautiful graphs.

Looking for a Specific Feature?

If you feel that something is missing in SERPCheetah and not yet on our roadmap, feel free to reach out and request features for our roadmap.

Note: these are just some of the updates and improvements we are working on that we are willing to list publicly. We make minor improvements and updates every single week.

“SERPCheetah makes tracking your organic search performance dead easy! One click import all your keywords directly from Google Search Console and you are good to go.”

Simon Juhl-Madsbjerg Creator of SERPCheetah


$ 15 / Domain / Monthly

  • ✔ Import and monitor all your Google Search Console keywords.
  • ✔ Daily rank tracking of 100 selected keywords per domain.
  • ✔ Add unlimited teams to your account.
  • ✔ Invite unlimited users to your teams.
  • ✔ Enjoy our awesome filters and make sense of your SEO data.
  • ✔ New features added every week and awesome support for your needs.
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