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Better search analytics for teams using Google Search Console. Learn more...

Only $9 / Domain / Month

Step 1. Connect SERPCheetah to your Google Search Console property.
Step 2. Monitor rankings for all the keywords that actual matters.

A better "Rank tracker"

SERPCheetah makes tracking your organic search performance dead easy! One click import for all your keywords directly from Google Search Console and you are good to go.

SERPCheetah welcomes you to a better search analytics experience.

Teams and domains under one hood

Gather all your domains and/or your clients domains in just one account. Set up teams and invite clients only to see their own domain.

SERPCheetah makes it a breeze to switch between domains and teams. 💪

Select data period and filters like a true SEO champion! 🥇

Tracking your search performance over time has never been easier - Seriously!

1. Select a data period
2. Sort your search data as you like

Learn more about filters...

Unlimited teams / domains under one hood

With SERPCheetah it is a breeze to manage multiple websites or SEO clients. Connect your SERPCheetah account with multiple search console accounts and properties and check out all your search data under one united hood.

Snappy data period selection

Compare your Google SERP rank over time with ease. Select a period of data and check out your average rankings for each keyword, total search traffic and total impressions.

Data only from selected countries

We have mantra at SERPCheetah. Less is more ...and it really is - Select the country your website targets, and we will ensure to filter out all non-relevant search data for your viewing.

Group or filter by device

SERPCheetah enables you to easily filter and group your search data by device type. Showcase with one click the difference between mobile, tablet or desktop search traffic and impressions.

Filter by keyword

Do you know how important your primary keywords are for you overall search visibility and traffic. SERPCheetah will enlighten you in an instant! Easily pick a keyword and check out its importance for your domain.

Invite team members

Working in a team or with clients? With SERPCheetah it is easy to invite clients or team members to a specific team of your choosing.

Total organic search traffic

Do you know how much organic search traffic you got last day or a week ago? Let SERPCheetah answer that for you in just a few seconds.

Total organic search impressions

How influential are your organic search visibility? Check out your total number of impresssions from your target audience with SERPCheetah.

Add keywords as favorites

Sure you have some keywords, which are of more importance than others. Easily add keywords to your favorites list. In that way you can quickly get an overview of potential ups and downs in the search results, for your most important keywords.

Perform anonymous Google search queries

SERPCheetah has developed it's own search engine for performing anonymous Google search queries. By using our search engine for anonymous Google search results, you can easily check out how you compare with your competitors in the SERP. We believe it's the best their is.

Try it out here!

“SERPCheetah makes tracking your organic search performance dead easy! One click import all your keywords directly from Google Search Console and you are good to go.”

Simon Juhl-Madsbjerg Creator of SERPCheetah


$ 9 / Domain / Monthly

  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Updated every day
  • Awesome filters
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